Grow your Digital Assets

Grow your Digital Assets

Own Bitcoin, Ethereum and all major cryptocurrencies safely, easily and profitably.


Custody of Bitcoin and all major cryptocurrencies & NFTs according to the best security standards and with the peace of mind given by our full insurance coverage.

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Make your digital assets work via staking or with DUO (Beta version), the service that allows Anubi Digital’s customers to make two cryptocurrencies work in synergy.

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An always-on service for direct Euro purchases via wire transfer of all major cryptocurrencies with the support of our dedicated assistants.

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Our three pillars


Funds are kept in dedicated on-chain vaults for each Client, who have full visibility into where and how their digital assets are deployed.


Our Client maintains total independence and freedom of choice on each passive and active custody option offered on the platform.

Asset segregation

Anubi Digital keeps complete separation between its assets and those of Clients, unlike the standard practice of most CeFi platforms and exchanges.

Why choose Anubi Digital



All Digital Assets we custody on behalf of our Clients are protected by insurance coverage up to $30 million (USD).



Anubi Digital is an Italian company registered within the OAM registry of VASPs and adopts all AML/CFT best practices.



To further enhance the security and privacy of our data infrastructure, we have begun the SOC2 certification process.

Our Partners

An assistant always at hand

A 24/7 support via phone, email and Whatsapp to accompany the Client at every step of the way: from the registration, to the first deposit or purchase through our OTC desk, to the Digital Assets deployments in DeFi.

A full suite of service

A unique suite of Digital Wealth Management services developed in partnership with Italy’s best professionals in the field, with specific tax and legal support (tax reporting and succession), to offer a 360-degree solution to our Clients.

From Bitcoin to Ethereum, we support all major digital assets

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