The best opportunities to grow your cryptocurrencies

Not just the standard custody of digital assets: thanks to Anubi Digital's platform, our Clients can see their amount of cryptocurrencies increase over time through DeFi and staking.

Anubi Digital is a "custodian 2.0": thanks to our partners Aave Arc, Celsius Network, and Maple Finance, Anubi Digital’s Clients can quickly and easily access institutional ("permissioned") DeFi and staking to grow their crypto assets, without deposit and withdrawal fees.

Institutional DeFi

Access to permissioned DeFi protocols (such as Aave Arc and Maple Finance), to allow regulated entities to take part in Decentralized Finance.


Ability to stake your assets directly in validator nodes and earn a remuneration from proof-of-stake chains.

Zero commissions

A single platform to access DeFi and staking without paying gas fees and deposit or withdrawal commissions.

From Bitcoin to Ethereum, we support all major digital assets

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