The best opportunities to grow your cryptocurrencies

Much more than just safekeeping: with Anubi Digital you can see the amount of your cryptocurrencies increase through staking and DeFi with the new DUO service (Beta version).

Anubi Digital is a 'custodian 2.0': our Clients can quickly and easily access staking and DeFi to increase the amount of their cryptocurrencies over time, regardless of their Euro countervalue and without deposit and withdrawal fees


We select the best and most sustainable remuneration opportunities offered by staking and Decentralize Finance protocols.

Ease of use

Anubi Digital takes care of the technical execution of digital asset deployments, creating a uniquely accessible customer experience.

No gas fees

The platform fully covers the transaction costs (gas fees) incurred in deploying and transferring customers' digital assets.

From Bitcoin to Ethereum, we support all major digital assets

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